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[7], An Ars Magus of the 4th Thaumaturgist Squadron with the position of lieutenant. Noel Vermillion (ノエル・ヴァーミリオン ) This young girl was found amidst the burning fields of Ikaruga where she was rescued, and then adopted by the family of Vermillion. With her job out of the way, she enjoys relaxing with friends and reminiscing, nostalgically. They are free to pick another squad to join if they wish. Kokonoe then appears from Kagura’s room, where she tells him she remodeled the room into an elevator, which makes him panic and run into his room to see what happened to it. Noel meets Mu-12 and accepts her as herself. Noel also has many girly traits to her character including an interest in cute animals. Noel Vermillion is a character from BlazBlue. Her memories before becoming adopted, however, are all but gone. A lieutenant of the NOL, hailing from the remote and minor noble family of Vermillion. However, Noel and Mai immediately start a long-term friendship when Mai’s super taste ability allows her to not only stand the death dinner, but also allows her to taste Noel’s innocence in her cooking, meaning that the meals taste delicious to Mai alone. Noel appears alongside Tsubaki and Makoto in the very first chapter of BlazBlue: Remix Heart, she helped Mai Natsume get more comfortable with the academy. They are then set free and are sent to meet Kagura Mutsuki, who is shown to be a flirt and pervert. She originally had no control over this form, as her emotions put her in a mundane state with only the desire to destroy. [1], A soldier of the Novus Orbis Librarium with the rank of "Lieutenant." Hey, master, it's SM1255 BLAZBLUE:CHRONOPHANTASMA - Noel Vermillion ANIME DAKIMAKURA JAPANESE PILLOW COVER !!! BlazBlue: Calamity TriggerBlazBlue: Continuum ShiftBlazBlue: Continuum Shift IIBlazBlue: Continuum Shift ExtendBlazBlue: ChronophantasmaBlazBlue: Chronophantasma ExtendBlazBlue: Centralfiction Drive: Noel appears to be a professional gunslinger, effectively wielding the Event Weapon, Bolverk with incredible effectiveness under the Drive, Chain Revolver (チェーンリボルバー, Chēn Riborubā); her Overdrive is Chain Quasar (チェーンクェイサー, Chēn Keisā), which increases the speed of her Drive. 4th Magic DivisionMagic Formula TroopsImperial Guards Her dress is also open mostly in the back. Values: She pretends to be collected, but is actually quite lonely. Blood type: Noel wears her NOL uniform, which consists of a blue beret with a metal plate that she ties her hair into and a sleeveless blouse that reaches down over her thighs, and bares her shoulders and upper back in a V-shape. Noel is amazing all that cute and flat and armpits and midriff too bad Blazblue is a fighting game. Her battle prowess is quite high, especially when it comes to Ars Magus. [4] The Successor of the Azure is the only one capable of locating the Master Unit in the depths of the boundary. Despite Izanami’s reign is easily over, it does not stop Doomsday, as many people, including everyone Noel cared most, and the environment is turning into magic element progressively. This allows her to observe others on extraordinary levels, as she did to Tsubaki to materialize the true form of the Zero-Type Izayoi. Relatives: Second Lieutenant of the 4th Magic Division While doing her survival training, Noel wore a short jacket over her school shirt and tie, with the jacket having the Academy emblem emblazoned upon its back. Add Noel VERMILLION as a favorite today! BlazBlue: Alter Memory SOUL EATER Vol. In addition, Noel is extremely sensitive to comments made about her small chest size. She also wears a detache…

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