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Mary's downward spiral continues. After a talk with Dale, Joanne has a change of heart. So, when you hear people crack up at… Easter dinner with Abby's parents takes a surprising turn. A woman claims she had an affair with John F. Kennedy. Torn between the ranch and a job opportunity, Colt wonders what's best for his family's future. Colt and Heather have a heart-to-heart about their loss. They're young, beautiful and every man's fantasy. Visit Tunefind for music from your favorite TV shows and movies. Meanwhile, Mary and Luke run into trouble. Colt realizes what he wants for his future, Beau and Maggie find some closure, and the gang celebrates Christmas at the bar. Now they want him back and this time he's going after the man responsible for ruining his life - even if it kills him in the process. Beau's depressed over Maggie, so Mary tries to fix him up with a friend. Beau's at the end of his rope and decides to teach Colt and Rooster a lesson. "No Small Parts" takes a look at his rise to fame. Maggie fights to keep the ranch afloat as she reaches a breaking point with the boys. Abby moves in with Colt and Beau when she learns she’s losing her job. Rooster vents his frustrations to Maggie, while Joanne gives Beau some sage advice. Beau takes Brenda out to dinner, but Maggie's not far from his mind. Heather makes a decision about the pregnancy. A romantic comedy about our amazing capacity to rebound and fall in love at any age. After a memorable night, Maggie ponders what she wants for her future. [Editor’s Note: The following article contains spoilers for “The Ranch” Part 5 on Netflix.] Abby wants to postpone the wedding, but her parents don't approve. LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — The District at Green Valley Ranch will be hosting a drive-in movie night to celebrate Valentine's Day in February. The Ranch will not return for Part 9 on Netflix. When Maggie drags Beau to the Marriott for a romantic evening, the guys have some fun back at the house. Back in Colorado, Luke works to win back Colt and Beau's trust. Abby gives Beau relationship advice. A drunken night leads to an awkward morning after for Mary. Mary reads Rooster the riot act for keeping it a secret, and Colt struggles with how to tell Abby. A surprise visitor at the bar sweeps Maggie off her feet. Now he's helping his dad and brother keep the ranch afloat, and figuring out how he fits into the family. Luke's friend from the service offers him a job. Abby invites Colt to a teachers' mixer. While Maggie takes charge, Beau feels hopeless. As his Orthodox Jewish family prepares for their traditional Passover celebrations, Josh hits a brick wall in the form of the alluring Cheryth. Maggie pushes back about the pipeline. New business ventures, relationships and challenges keep the Bennett men on their toes -- and at odds with the women in their lives. Beau intervenes to keep Colt out of trouble. She has an estranged relationship with her daughter and a granddaughter (Nicole) she has never met (I've Come to Expect It from You). Spoilers ahead! No brief flashes, no side views, nada. I've done a bit more searching on the net, and have found out that there are both "Unrated" and "R-Rated" versions of the DVD. Colt tries to round up the other ranchers to give Neumann's Hill some competition. Jerry warns Colt that Lisa Neumann has a good case against him. LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The District at Green Valley Ranch is hosting a free drive-in movie night for Valentine's Day. Find out where The Ranch is streaming, if The Ranch is on Netflix, and get news and updates, on Decider. Mary realizes she needs to choose between Rooster and Nick. Running time: 90 min. Colt smooths things over with Abby. Out on bail, Mary breaks into her old house to grab her stash. We’re expecting to see new episodes of the series on Netflix in June. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Find all 366 songs featured in The Ranch Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. Colt plans a surprise for Abby. Here are the buzz-worthy titles you're going to want to mark on your calendar. Spahn Ranch, also known as the Spahn Movie Ranch, was a 55-acre movie ranch in Los Angeles County, California. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Luke urges Mary to go back to rehab. Colt finally wins back Abby's trust -- but he's afraid to tell her he knows who killed Nick. Why? The son of a Colorado rancher returns home from a semi-pro football career to run the family business. Colt figures out what he wants from Heather. Best Movies & Shows on Amazon Prime Video in January. All things considered, the odds of The Ranch hitting Season 4 at all felt pretty low for a while. The police find a gun near the trailer and make an arrest, leaving Colt struggling with his conscience. In 1947, Lee and Ruth McReynolds purchased the acreage from Sharon M. Atkins, who had purchased the property in 1928. Four months later, wildfires rage in Colorado. Mary tells Luke she wants to go to rehab. Maggie returns from Florida with news. Colt confronts Abby about not getting to see Peyton. Abby gets a taste of her own medicine after a hazy night of drinking. dubbed with words like "frick" and "heck", a**hole is replaced with "arrogant" and "blowhard", b!tch replaced with "witch", the phrase "BJ" is inserted where the actors mouths are clearly saying the two words that "BJ" stands for, etc., etc. Armed with a new perspective, Beau surprises Joanne. An angry Beau clears Maggie's things out of the house. In the series finale, Luke opens up about his struggles, Maggie throws one last Christmas party at the bar, and Colt gives Beau a heartwarming gift. When his inflated ego lands him in hot water, Colt realizes he's not the big man on campus anymore. Join the women of Diamond Ranch as they release unbridled passions in this seductive and unflinching look behind the doors of a private club that's based on a real-life brothel. To celebrate their last Thanksgiving on the ranch, Colt and the guys go on a turkey hunt. An unexpected celebration brings everyone together. Colt wants to buy Sam Peterson's ranch -- with or without his family's blessing. Beau shrugs off the doctor's orders and resists the family's efforts to help him. Meanwhile, Colt lashes out at Maggie. Psych vs. Malfoy? Was this review helpful to you? Fires force the town to evacuate. Joanne stands up to a stubborn Beau. An autobiographical look at the director Susan Seidelman's teen life in Philadelphia during the 60s. Zero. The guys wind up in hot water after an ice fishing trip. Rooster faces the consequences of blowing off work. Meanwhile, Colt is torn between his brother and his father. In the wake of his heart attack, Beau vows to stop sweating the small stuff -- but Colt and Rooster's latest blunder makes him lose his cool. Did Saul Crash Shock? A comedy drama about a few days in the lives of a group of working girls in Reno, Nevada. After another argument with Abby, Colt signs the divorce papers. Mary offers to work at Maggie's bar. Beau and Rooster go to a cattle auction. The show began in 2016, and the first half of its final run will kick off on September 13, according to Deadline.Not only will it include the same Bennett family hijinks we all know and love, but it will also feature a guest star you'll definitely recognize. Abby agrees to give Colt a chance, but her father isn't as forgiving. R. Genre (s): Drama Comedy TV Movie. A former sports phenom returns to his family's Colorado ranch and discovers a lot's changed since he's been away chasing his dreams. None. Maggie comforts an exhausted Abby. The Ranch is a comedy revolving around a former pro football player who returns to Colorado to help run the family ranch business. The ending written for Danny Masterson’s character on “The Ranch” is disgraceful. Maggie takes a stand that lands her in hot water. A street dog is taken in by a young couple, and the family pit becomes an instant accomplice as she adjusts to her new, loving home. Colt confronts the challenges of running a ranch as he and Abby get ready to become parents. Frank Lammers and Elise Schaap star. That has to be the version other reviewers were talking about. A man quits his high-level job and loses everything at once. Rooster takes Jen on a date. As a mom copes with the aftermath of a harrowing accident, she finds inspiration from an injured magpie taken in by her family. While Rooster tries to broker peace between Beau and Maggie, Colt apologizes to Heather -- but his timing couldn't be worse. It's about the women who work at a brothel in Nevada, and phrases like "sexually explicit" and "T&A" were coming up more than once. Did Tonys Waste Time? Abby asks Colt to go to counseling. The Ranch seems like it may have been green-lighted on sheer star power alone: After all, Kutcher and Masterson starred together on one of the most popular sitcoms of the late '90s/early 2000s, so perhaps Netflix hoped their appeal might translate to binge-watching. Emotions run high when Abby and Heather fight, leaving Colt caught in the middle. With 80 episodes produced, The Ranch currently holds the title of the longest-running Netflix original multi-cam comedy series. Inspired by the story of the Mustang Ranch, America's oldest and most infamous legal brothel, the story revolves around the loves and lives of the women who work at Diamond Ranch, a … Colt's new responsibilities keep him away from Abby. When Dale uncovers a problem with the herd, Colt weighs whether to tell Lisa Neumann. Luke and Mary tie the knot in Vegas. That's fine, many movies have an unrated release that adds a couple extra scenes or goes a little farther than the rated version did.

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