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fiesta st 150 tapping noise

Each time they say there is nothing wrong with it even though we hear knocking and pinging from the front springs. Je l’ai depuis 2 ans et franchement j’ai rien à détester sur la voiture. Fiesta st 2.0 Mazda engine bottom end engine rattle / knocking has been removed from car now ... #4 Tapping Knocking Noise 2.5L Engines ... Whining noise when accelerating Fiesta ST - … 0 Ford Fiesta ST 150 - MILLTEK PIPER. It a 2006 model and has a very low 17 000 miles (27 000kms). 7:48. Kinda like a small diesel engine would make. I first noticed it when I cut on the heater. iv had the same problem, with it doing it intermitently at about 3000 revs. Automobile Magazine. Think they said it was a dual mass flywheel or something. my ford fiesta st only 6000mls has a knocking noise front nearside have been to ford dealer about it and they fobbed me off said it was the way the car is any idears Assistant: Have you checked the fob's battery? If it's still making the noise at … It a 2006 model and has a very low 17 000 miles (27 000kms). The latest in reflashing... £ 475.00 . 2011 Ford Fiesta with 55,00 miles and well maintained. Right so noticed this loud tapping sound over the top of the normal ticking the ST engine makes. Happens when engine is cold, warm, just started, left on idle after a … The most recently reported issues are listed below. Dude, iv had soooooo much crap with my noisy tappets MY WORD... so we strippd and re fitted about 3 times and the noise kept comming back after a few miles... so in the end we figrd out how to get them quite as hell... on the side of the cams theres an adjustment for the cams(i suggest a pro mach to do dis) looks like a long cut that a special tool fits in... that will need to be adjusted AND TIGHTENED IN THE SAME ADJUSTMENT PLACE. Sounds like the injectors to me. luckly it started doing it all the time so ford has now found the problem and are going to re shim the tappets hopefully this will cure it. There quite a few cases of the Mustang Coyote engines with strange ticks too. I'm pretty sure it's just normal valve train noise I asked this before with multiple techs. Generated in 0.020 seconds in which 0.007 seconds were spent on a total of 17 queries. In the last few days with very cold weather, when turning my car heater on or off it's making a knocking noise just for a few seconds. #167168 - 30/05/09 12:33 PM Strange ticking noise from engine: ST_Matt Registered: 26/02/09 Posts: 69 Loc: Birmingham Hi all, About a week a go I noticed a strange ticking noise from the car from about 2k to 3k (cant hear it after that because the engine noise itself drowns it out.) Milkman. Toutes les infos, conseils et avis pour acheter une FIESTA (5) ST 150. Constat Vous percevez un bruit anormal au niveau de votre moteur, un petit cliquetis ou un plus violent claquement perturbent le ronronnement de votre véhicule. 2015 Ford Focus ST: A Bigger, More Fun Fiesta - Ignition Ep. noise for clutch problems. Spiders online. Unleashed Custom Big Turbo Tune | FullRace EFR 6758 | W/M I D-09 Nozzle | E-Focus Roll Restrictor(RMM) | K&N Air Filter | JBR Solid Shifter Bushings | Boomba Trans Bushings | Eibach ProKit Springs | Cobb STS 40% | JBR BSD | Avant Garde M310 18x8.5 42OS | GY Eagle F1s | Levels FMIC | Redline Tuning Hood Struts | Ford Power Button | FRPP CAI | RallyArmor Flaps | AVS Rainguards | MBRP 304 XP Series 3" TB | Steeda SS Delete | Hella Supertones, http://www.focusst.org/forum/focus-...ng-noise-idle-front-passenger-wheel-well.html, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. This sound definitely was not on my st2. 0:16. gicleur de focus 3 sur ford fiesta ST. lofo77. and once u get it right she will be quote as hell!!!! Hi, I'm having a bit of a problem with my car, it's making a lot of noise when I put my food down, it starts doing this tapping or knocking noise. Or can it be heard only in absolute silence? This is just my personal interjection so take it with a grain of salt like anything else on a forum, but I disagree with most of the "suggested" causes. 13:28. Has there been any leaking from the hoses? Fiesta ST 150 2.0 sound, flames, startup 0-170km/h - YouTube This sound has none of that. When the acr is stationary its like a tapping noise in the engine bay i cant understand what it could be? But like other have said...10,000 miles now and runs great. Trasher2d. Actually, Ford did a pretty good job overall as there aren’t many issues with the little Fiesta. Ford Fiesta owners have reported 9 problems related to engine clicking and tapping noises (under the engine and engine cooling category). Average failure mileage is 55,950 miles. 7:48. Thanks to everyone for replying yea I was worried brand new car how can I insert a video clip so you guys can hear it sorry Farley new to this site thanks guys. Admission Directe The noise … read more Is it loud enough to over come the radio on mild volume? Ford Fiesta ST » Forums » Fiesta ST 2005-09 » Mk6 Fiesta ST Technical Talk » Noisy tappets... Register User Forum List Calendar Active Topics Search FAQ i found that after i give it the beans i get a strange wining noise for a while anyone had this and wot is it? It still made the noise. Customer: 1917 Assistant: Are you fixing your Fiesta ST yourself? JavaScript is disabled. There are a few here with valid issues though. I hear a tapping noise in my dashboard. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites . The ST is now doing the same tic sound. We offer one of the largest collection of Fiesta ST related news, gallery and technical articles. P564 - Kit Admission Directe Standard Ford FIESTA V - ST 150 20L i 16V - 04-08 - 150cv - Kit admission directe Standard adaptable sur Ford FIESTA V - ST 150 20L i 16V - 04-08 …Voir la présentation. Guests and I have a rattling noise as well. Hi guys, My names Steve and I live in Australia. Hi guys, My names Steve and I live in Australia. Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the coolant level? I've had the same noise sitting at idle on both my ST's. You can hear the normal engine noise but listen for the heavier knock that has no rhythm. Ford Fiesta ST180 Dreamscience Stratagem Imap remap handset. Cerdewv. sure it's not injectors, let ford have a listen see what they say, if not these or anything else then might be the shims on the cams, possibly need new ones doubt it. I would add the Ford My Touch (stereo) is quirky as well, but not a deal breaker. Elliot Halle. ESSAI FORD FIESTA (5) ST 150, guide d'achat avec photos et fiche technique (caracteristiques, performances, prix, puissance fiscale). L’avis de Jérémy sur la Ford Fiesta ST150 (Mk6) “Petite Fiesta sportive (ST) mais confortablement tape-cul ! That's when the techs said Ford told them it was a normal sound of the flywheel. It's just a flippin ugly ass rattle. Not at all! The original Fiesta had a much softer suspension, so (imho) some rattles are inevitable... Fortunately I'm not hearing any yet. I was merely seeking clarification on the term "Tappets", and so gave a solution to the problem if my reasoning was correct. The most recently reported issues are listed below. hmm it it the tappets in the engine that need tightening up? Yes it sounds like it's coming from passenger side. Anyone else have this problem? I have heard it is the direct fuel injectors or fuel pump. 453 https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/smanifouldeverest, Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.5.8. Seb. En vrai c’est une voiture idéale en tant que jeune conducteur. The 2013 Ford F-150 has 2 problems reported for engine knocking. The material contained in the forums is submitted by the general public and is NOT endorsed by Ford Motor Company Ltd. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Share your favorite Fiesta ST photos as well as engage in discussions with fellow Fiesta ST owners on our message board. Yea, I hate that sound. It's disheartening cause it sounds like there's a dang problem, sounds ghetto, and has no rhyme or reason to it. Is this a normal noise on these engines please help thanks. Said it was normal. The petrol engines in the Fiesta are simple and cheap to fix, which is exactly what you’d want from a small and affordable car. Kinda like a small diesel engine would make. i made this with my HTC One X+ and a external mic stick to the rear bumper.Full Milltek system, K&N and AMD remap making 173BHP. Im very worried as it … With the fromt windows down you can hear it more but you can also hear it from inside with the windows up. You are not logged in. Do you have a more exact location of the ticking noise? Before I found out I *****ed enough so that they replaced the transmission and the clutch. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Fiesta based on all problems reported for the Fiesta. Mine does the same (tapping sound) and always has done, if you search on YouTube for Duratec ST engine you will probably hear the same thing. Ford Fiesta owners have reported 9 problems related to engine clicking and tapping noises (under the engine and engine cooling category). I had a 2004 SVT Focus that sounded the same and was told it's the flywheel. More like my 43hp Deere tractor at idle. Ford Fiesta MK6 - 2002, 1.4 petrol - Ford Fiesta - Tapping noise - tappets clearance?. My g/f's fiesta keeps doing this (2009 59 plate Style) It has been back to Cutts of Campden in gloucestershire (Ford Dealer) 3 times with this fault. It would/should be repeatable or predictable. It doesn't sound like a performance car. After warming up (about 20 minutes driving with 100 km/h = 60 miles/h) my new 2014 Fiesta ST has a tapping/knocking noise coming from the engine. Milkman 198 Posted September 9, 2020. Ford Fiesta Club ; Fiesta St Loud Tapping Noise DISCLAIMER: fordownersclub.com is an independent Ford forum for owners of Ford vehicles. Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST DS IMap Stratagem Handset. Ford Fiesta ST 150 loose gear lever 2. All new products Tags Ford focus st Airtec rs mk2 fiesta Intercooler st225 cobra > Ford > Ford Fiesta ST150 Ford Fiesta ST150 . Claquements / cliquetis moteur : Ford Fiesta ST 150 ch Essence Un bon diagnostic s’impose ! Tappets another word for kids? Zlib compression enabled. good news then Andy, is you car performing well, still happy with S2 then. 0:07. Just give them some sweets should make them pipe down! Steeda Stage 2 tune - 93 Octane, Steeda CAI with 3" inlet tube, CFM adjustable RMM, Steeda PSM, Steeda SSB, Steeda RSB, Steeda Symposer Delete, Panda Motor Works FMIC, Buschur hot side & CPE cold side IC pipes, Ford Racing Exhaust, Denso ITV22 Plugs, Turbosmart bpv, Enkei RSF5 18x8 Matte Black. I have heard it is the direct fuel injectors or fuel pump. Seems to me if it were a fuel pump, or injectors, or valve train, or A, B, or C, it would have a rhythm or a cycle, or a frequency or something to the sound. Its mega annoying its a shame there is no tsb for this. I've given up worrying about it. Fiesta ST Forum is the premier Fiesta ST community. 131. I just changed my oil at 500miles and I'm coming up on 700. Now the noise starts every time I start the engine and it lasts for about 10 seconds. Anyone else had this prob? Customer: no fobbed off meaning they dont want to get involved Assistant: What year is your Fiesta ST? I recently purchased a Ford Fiesta 1.6 Litre Duratec model. Seems to be coming from the top o… every time its gone back to ford it aint done it so they cant fix it. No. I was told the little displacement engine are working the fuel injectors pretty hard and that's the noise. Always had that noise. 0 registered (), If it breaks that's what the warranty is for. Any ideas? The car is immaculate but i have noticed there is an engine tapping/ knocking sound. I contacted Dave Moore at MT yesterday and confirmed it's the clearance between the cams and the followers. He said unless they start banging, there's nothing to worry about. Engine is almost 500 miles and noise is louder now. We’re the premiere Ford Focus ST forum with discussions on the 2013+ Focus ST. Join the community and see the latest news, photos, videos, classifieds, reviews, events and more! The Fiesta ST, which is the performance model, was sold as the Fiesta XR4 in Australia. It sounds like a loud tapping noise which can be heard with bonnet closed, open, in the car with windows shut too. The gearboxes are a weak point on the ST's but I'd be more inclined to suggest a CV joint first. Hi all, Last week I picked up my 2016 Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.25 Ive noticed when going over bumps or turning right on uneven roads there is a clunking/knocking sound coming from the back of the car Ive got it booked in with the garage to check it on Wednesday but … The latest in handset... £ 475.00 . I found several cars in the www with the same problem. Seems to … I've had the same noise sitting at idle on both my ST's. Its only got 700 miles on the clock, picked it up two weeks ago. I recently purchased a Ford Fiesta 1.6 Litre Duratec model. 1:58. It doesn't sound like a performance car. Ford Fiesta ST180 DS IMap Stratagem Hanset. 131 . Apparently it's perfectly normal on the stage 2 MT. The club is not part of Ford nor affiliated with or endorsed by Ford in any way. Once you rev the engine just a little bit the noise is gone but returns in a second. The car is immaculate but i have noticed there is an engine tapping/ knocking sound. I have 60k big turbo. Sur seulement 3 cylindres, la nouvelle Ford Fiesta ST affiche un nouveau record du monde de puissance avec la bagatelle de 200 ch. 2015 Ford Focus ST: A Bigger, More Fun Fiesta - Ignition Ep. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Fiesta based on all problems reported for the Fiesta. Remember these cars are hot rodded econo-boxes. In the last week my ST has developed some very nasty noises coming from the engine bay. They can sometimes only knock under load yet seem fine while coasting out of gear. More like my 43hp Deere tractor at idle. About the sonic not the ST. Ford fiesta ST 150. Hellow everyone just purchased a 17 st3 have about 250 miles I noticed last nice a ticking on passenger side at idle. Jamie

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